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Intermodal Transload Services, Inc.

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Are you looking for a way to utilize the full weight capacity of your intermodal shipping container?
Are you tired of spending money to ship a partially loaded container?
Then Intermodal Transloading Services, Inc. can help. We have a facility that is adjacent to the Canadian National intermodal railyard in Harvey, IL. This means that we can Legally handle your heavy weight shipments up to the capacity plate of the container. This saves you time and money.
We'll take your heavy intermodal container and break it down to a legal over-the-road weights. This saves you money without any interuptions in your supply chain. That's good for you.
Our service is available for any intermodal shipment terminating or originating at Harvey, IL on the Canadian National railroad.
For international import and export shipments, you can ship through any of the following ports to arrive in Harvey, IL:
  • Port of Vancouver (British Columbia)
  • Port of Halifax (Nova Scotia)
  • Port of New Orleans (Louisiana)
  • Port of Mobile (Alabama)
  • Port of Gulfport (Mississippi)
  • Port of Montreal (Quebec)
  • Port of Saint John (New Brunswick)
Contact your freight forwarder or vessel carrier to see if you can ship to the Canadian National intermodal railyard in Harvey, IL. Doing so will save you money. Guaranteed!



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Intermodal Transload Services, Inc. 
16860 Lathrop
Harvey, IL 60426

Phone: (708) 799-8415

Fax: (708) 401-0098

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Intermodal Transload Services, Inc. * 16860 S. Lathrop * Harvey, IL 60426*