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Intermodal Transload Services, Inc.

Our Services
Our Services
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We will help you ship more product for less:

  • Stripping of Import Containers
  • Stuffing of Export Containers
  • Domestic Transloads
  • Domestic Transportation
  • Labeling and/or Stenciling
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Bulk Handling Capabilities
  • Logistic Consulting Services
  • Floor-Unloading & Palletizing
  • Handling Heavy Commodities is What We Do: 

         Consumer Products 

         Ceramic Tile / Granite / Slate

         Steel / Metals / Pipe


         Consumer Products 

         Automotive Parts

         Farm Equipment & Machinery 

         Automobiles & Boats

         Honey / Seeds / Grains 


Why pay money to ship air inside your container? Let Intermodal Transload Services help you ship more product inside your container. We have the facilities, equipment and expertise to save you money. ITS can handle your transloading needs.

International Weight Limit:
Domestic Weight Limit:
The Difference:
Load Factor Increase:
56,000 lbs 
44,000 lbs
12,000 lbs 

Many of the services we offer require us to see your specific needs in order to quote a price.

Please call us at (708) 799-8415 for a free quotation

We update this page frequently so be sure to check back!

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